Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

This week's spotlight is on ceramics.  They can seem diametrically opposed.  Some are commercially made, others hand crafted. Some are delightfully ridiculous, others delightfully scary.  One thing unites them, they all were found at a Thrift Store.


Hand Crafted Lizard Man Mask
I bet this came from the ceramics Department of a local University.  You can tell from the craftsmanship....

It appears to depict some kind of Lizard/Man Deity.  Or it could have been a classmate portrait assignment.  It would have been quite frightening without the tongue sticking out, but it's presence is like icing on the OMFG cake!

Lap Dog Tea Party
These pooches look like they come from money.  Not only do they have their own couches to lounge in, but they have pillows and blankeys to make them more comfortable.  I'm surprised they aren't wearing sports jackets and ascots. I envy their lifestyle of leisure. I wonder if the tea party is for them too.  Is that tea pot full of oolong, or chicken broth? They are so fabulous!

Poo Shoe
I think I saved the best/most atrocious for last!  It wasn't obvious to me at first what was attached to the red ceramic sneaker.  "Could it be a rumpled sock?," I thought "Or a newborn something or rather?"  No.  It most sure as sh*t is crap.  I appreciate that it was placed on the bottom shelf.  Its placement both indicates its quality, and enhances the comedic effect.  

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