Thursday, June 30, 2011

Acrylic Transfers. I use 'em to make magnets.

Here are some pics of acrylic transfers that I have already painted with acrylics.  I made the transfers by slathering acrylic medium onto a black and white Xerox copy of my (scaled down) drawings.  After the medium dries onto the Xerox, I soak it in water and rub the paper off.  I am left with an acrylic skin that has the ink of the Xerox transferred onto it.  Are you riveted yet?

Acrylic Transfers, laid out into rows
How organized!  One tricky thing about painting the transfers is that they are painted backwards.  I paint on the back of the transfers, so the first thing I paint (the highlight) shows on the surface, and whatever I paint next appears behind that.  It can get confusing imagining what it looks like, because all you see is the back, not the front.

Acrylic Transfers in a jumble
Here's a pic of the same acrylic transfer paintings, all jumbled up.  Look, the acrylic transfers are transparent!  Some will turn into bottle cap magnets, others into glass gem magnets.

Finished Magnets
This is how the magnets turn out.  Those same acrylic transfers are either sandwiched between glass and card stock, or drowned in resin.  It's the end of the road for the transfers, the Jig is up! Sneaky charlatans...

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