Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

Another round up of notable thrift store finds.  This time around, I found a plethora of adorable finds.  Here are the select few I absolutely LOVE!

Teddy Bear Picnic
A rustic pastoral setting is the backdrop for this classic automobile enthusiast teddy's picnic.  Jump back!  All he brought on his picnic was cookies, how adorable is that?! Now that the tin's contents (almost certainly cookies) are gone (have been ravenously consumed),  this cute teddy is its only selling point.  Also, it's a tin so it can hold crap.

Hang in there
I can't really make fun of this adorable box.  It appears someone replaced the cliche cat hanging from a tree branch, with an adorable tiger.  ADORABLE!  It is iridescent, but the gaudy factor is squashed by its cuteness factor to the third power.  One thing I noticed, kitty's corn hole could be showing, or maybe it's an unwittingly placed spot.

Hang in there [dynamic perspective]
It's a box!

Cleft Lip or Hitler Mustache?
Were you beginning to think I wasn't gonna include a truly horrifying pic? I have a reputation to maintain, so here you go...

It is supposed to be a nurturing, loving image, but I can't get past the freaky baby.  There seems to be a gash, square in his face/ mouth area.  It could be a cleft lip, or that famous Fuhrer's signature facial hair.  You decide.

Detail of facial gash/ hair
A close up.  He could possibly be undead, the bloodsucking variety.

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