Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

While browsing a local Thrift Store, I was dumbstruck by a select few of it's contents. Notably, the unicorns.

I could not get over how much power these mythical creatures weald, and the stories all seemed to create.  I am a sucker for a good narrative, so I decided I must share my favorite Thrift Store finds, and their stories (that I made up), with the world.  I hope to make Thrift Store Thursday a regular feature on my blog.


Unicorn Embroidery with Floral Flourishes
This piece started my hunt for photographing amazing thrift store finds and Blogging them. I took one look at this superbly crafted Unicorn and fell instantly in love with it. Well, not enough to purchase it. But I stopped to snap a photo of it to share with the world. That says something.

Crazed Unicorn of <3s on Black Velvet [left panel]
This Unicorn is the companion piece to the Moody Unicorn. This one generously exudes heart power and can levitate. Close inspection of it's eyes reveal an astonishing truth. Despite all the <3 goodwill, this unicorn is unfortunately crazed.

Moody Unicorn of Darkness on black velvet [right panel]
The title pretty much explains it. I thought this Unicorn looked like it was on the verge of going on a Carrie rampage.

DIY Eugene Levy Cup
The expression of this Eugene Levy cup screams, "Say What?!"

Vintage Yoda
My best thrift store find yet. I don't understand how this Yoda came to resemble Leatherface , but it surely contributes to it's charm. His reaching arms suggest longing for the past, notably a time when he still had ears, and not just exposed cartilage.

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