Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A peek into my magnet making process

This was my first time using EnviroTex Lite, and I love it! It's a pourable, two part epoxy resin that dries crystal clear overnight (though they say it takes about two days to cure).  Just look how glassy it turns out!

At this stage, I just have my glitter and resin in the bottle caps.  Some of the bottle caps are painted, the ones that are bare were scrounged up after I noticed that I mixed a surplus of resin (oopsies!).  Soon, they will be graced with my little acrylic transfer paintings, and will turn into bottle cap magnets.  Patriotic, no?

Cool trick to get rid of bubbles that form in epoxy: wave a torch over the resin after it had been mixed and applied.  It totally works! Be careful not to get the flame too close. You don't want your hands to end up looking like Mickey Rourke's face.

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