Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrift Store Thursday

An assortment of cute, ridiculous, and frightening finds from a thrift store.  Ready, set, go!

This vintage chatterbox is just plain cute.  I'm not sure what gender it is, presumably male 'cause it's not wearing pink.  It must be fun to chat for hours about useless cr*p such as mud pies and worms, like news commentators do!

Father Time Tree?
It's a tree.  It's a man.  It's frightening!  I don't understand the purpose of this homeless man's face peeking out through a pine tree.  That best not be Santa. Nightmares.

Long Doll
It's a doll.  It's long.

Scary Teddy Jar
Who in their right mind came up with this?  I usually love teddy bears, but this? Adding a pretty blue bow around it's neck does nothing to soften the horror.

The fact that it's a cookie jar adds to its spookiness. You have to decapitate the thing to get your snickerdoodle.  A good incentive to avoid the sweets?

Scary Teddy Detail
Look away!


  1. Right?! LOL! That Teddy could win the prize for freakiest ceramic piece I've found in a thrift store.